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Cockney Kings Fish & Chips- Deep Fried Extravaganza

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips is located on Hastings near SFU Burnaby and is a local favourite for many students. They have All-You-Can-Eat fish n’chips (cod only and you get a pop) from Mondays to Wednesday for less than 10 bucks.

Meta Knight has suggested this place multiple times in the past few years but I never really wanted to try it until now.

This is their takeout menu. Interestingly enough, they have a large variety of options from regular fish and chips to battered hot dog and fish tacos!

The kitchen is open so you can watch people make make deep fry your food.

If you get take out like us, they will wrap your food in newspaper and give it to you just like that. This made carrying it back home a difficult task because we didn’t even have bag to put everything in it. It’s a cool idea but just not very practical.

We ordered the 2 pc Halibut and Chips ($12.25) so imagine our surprise when we opened the package and saw not two, but almost six pieces of fish!

Obviously, a few of the six pieces were small, but all together, this ‘2 piece set’ was of epic proportions. If we had known they were going to be so generous, we wouldn’t have ordered an appetizer.

The fries were not double fried (my favourite) so they were limp and soft. Not that great.

We ordered the most expensive fish because we thought it was going to be the softest in texture. I once had Halibut fish and chips at Pajo’s in Steveston and the fish melted in my mouth. This one was not the case. Instead of the silky smooth texture I was looking for, it tasted rough and a bit dry. It wasn’t bad. But it tasted no different from cod which sucked because we paid more money for it.

We thought the 2 piece fish and chips were not going to fill us so we ordered Calamari ($6.99) to share too. The squid was not fresh and it was apparent to us from the first bite. Nonetheless, it was passable.

Overall, for around 20 bucks, we received a hell of a lot of food. It could have easily fed four people so you do get bang for your buck. However, just don’t expect the quality of fish to blow your socks off. Cause… it most likely won’t.

Based on these reasons:

  • solid fish and chips location with a diverse take out menu
  • AYCE fish and chips from Mon-Wed!! 
  • you’ll feel like grease after eating their food because everything is deep fried
  • gigantic portions for an affordable price
Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $-$$
Overall Rating: 3/5
Happy Eating!
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One thought on “Cockney Kings Fish & Chips- Deep Fried Extravaganza

  • Brianne

    October 28th, 2013, I ordered take-out from Cockney Kings, a popular fish & chips restaurant located in Burnaby, BC. The total amount of my order after tax was $21.32, which I paid for by Visa. When I arrived home, I checked my credit card transactions online and noticed a charge for $24.52 from the restaurant. I found that odd considering the receipt I was given read $21.32. I immediately called the restaurant and when I pointed out the discrepancies in the receipt I was given vs. my online credit card transactions, she said, verbatim, “Oh, that’s weird. I guess we must have overcharged you.” She then told me I could come and get the change that was owed to me but it would be “better” if I got it the next day as their power had been out and things might get a little crazy as far as customers, etc. However, I went to the restaurant that same evening. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by one of the cooks who stated that in no way, shape or form did they put that charge on my credit card (despite the charge showing up under their name.) My response? “Well it wasn’t a ghost,” and I ultimately asked for the full $24.52 to be returned to me. The staff ultimately agreed, but it wasn’t without a bit of a fuss on their part. When I returned home, I immediately reached out to Cockney Kings via social media (Twitter) and it was then that they admitted that it had, in fact, been an error on their part – which was interesting considering a short time ago, a staff member there had sworn up and down that it wasn’t. Throughout most of my correspondence with the company’s social media account, they seemed more about saving face and making their company look good as opposed to ensuring this doesn’t happen to anyone else. It was then contacted via e-mail (a 503 word e-mail, to be precise) by Greg Dion, the Customer Relations Manager for Cockney Kings.

    It is worth noting that had I NOT checked my credit card transactions online, I would NOT be aware of this overcharge. Yes, it was only a few dollars extra that I was charged, but would Cockney Kings have bothered to contact me had they picked up on the error themselves or would they have happily kept my money? I asked Mr. Dion this very question in my response to him via e-mail, but so far I have not heard back.

    I then went on Yelp and Urbanspoon, as well as the company’s Facebook page to warn customers that should they eat at this restaurant and pay by credit card, to check their statements. Somehow my reviews on Urbanspoon as well as the company’s Facebook page were requested to be removed by the company, and disappear they did. If this was a simple human error by Cockney Kings like Mr. Dion claims, what is wrong with my review letting customers know what happened to me/suggesting they check their credit card transactions? It was not written maliciously, it was written to make the public aware. However, with the removal of the reviews, it causes one to wonder: What does Cockney Kings Fish & Chips have to hide, and did I just wreck their plans for a potential credit card fraud ring?


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