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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar- I Can Eat Their Waffles All Day

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar is located on Robson and honestly, I have heard so much about it over the past few months. I heard they serve up some great authentic belgian waffles so I was determined to give it a try.

The sign isn’t very eye-catching (at least compared to the McDonalds sign next door) so you might miss it the first time around, like me.

I really enjoyed the mismatched wooden boards on the wall as well as the little bicycle piece on the ledge. It gave the whole area a rustic feel.

The Bresilienne Liege Waffle ($8.90) consisted of a soft and chewy liege waffle topped with vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crumble, and caramel sauce. I chose the liege waffle this time, but you always have the option of choosing the brussel waffle instead.

This waffle looked ridiculously delicious and let me tell you, it tasted even better than it looked. The liege waffle had the perfect density and chewy texture that I was looking for, and the hazelnut crumble was just the cherry on top.

My favourite way of eating the waffle is to cut a piece off, grab a chunk of ice-cream with it, and then swipe a bit of whipped cream on top before eating it all together. 😀 Oh, that’s the life. For around 9 bucks, Nero can make you feel like you are in Europe eating an authentic belgian waffle. Needless to say, I will be back for more.

Based on these reasons:

  • cute little place for tea time or dessert
  • waffles are beyond delicious
  • my favourite is the liege waffle!

Service Rating: 3.5/5
Food Rating: 5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

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3 thoughts on “Nero Belgian Waffle Bar- I Can Eat Their Waffles All Day

  • You have no idea how much I miss Belgian waffles 🙁

  • There must be belgian waffle places in Edmonton, no?!?

  • Well probably but I haven't discovered them yet. Been busy with work and have to catch up on all these posts 🙁
    Also there is no decent bubble tea here. Luckily I'm not into bubble tea.


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