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[Summer Fresh] Assorted Mushrooms in Mushroom Marsala Sauce Recipe

I’ve recently been more frugal with my ‘eating out’ spending so I took up cooking and found a line of sauces that make it super duper easy to prepare meals called Summer Fresh.
They were kind enough to send me a line of their new Summer Fresh Sauces to try out so I grabbed the opportunity by the horns and strapped on my domestic apron. Now who’s a domestic goddess? “D
There are five sauces in the entire line up which comprises of 3 Peppercorn, Butter Chicken, Cranberry Madeira, Mushroom Marsala, and Thai Curry. I’m still working my way one by one with recipes for each so once I have every recipe up, I’ll link all these posts together so it’ll be easier to search. ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing I really do love about these sauces is that it does not contain any ingredients that I don’t know. Literally, the ingredients in this Mushroom Marsala sauce were things like ‘chicken broth (made of x, y, and z), garlic, crimini mushrooms, porcini mushroom,s button mushrooms…etc)

All I did was slice up some assorted mushrooms and cooked them first before adding in a good half carton amount of sauce. You can use anything from button mushrooms to king oyster mushrooms.

I was only cooking for one and used half the sauce carton, so you will probably have to use the whole thing if you are cooking for more than just yourself.

Ta-da! Finished Product. The sauce was absolutely delicious and not heavy at all like ‘cream of mushroom’. It had a great chicken broth flavour to it which was light and paired perfectly well with the earthy fungi.

Assorted Mushrooms in Mushroom Marsala Sauce (serves one)

1 cup of assorted mushrooms (ex. crimini, button, oyster, porcini..etc)
1/2 carton of Summer Fresh Mushroom Marsala Sauce
1 serving size of your favourite pasta
1 teaspoon of salt
dollop of oil

1. First, bring a pot of water to a boil and add in salt and oil. Then add in the pasta noodles and cook until al dente.

2. Cook all the mushrooms and the way to find out whether they are cooked through or not is by the amount of moisture they release. The mushrooms should have released some water and become texturally softer before you move on to the next step.

3. Then , add in the Mushroom Marsala Sauce and coat evenly.

4. Once the pasta is finished cooking, drain the pot of water and place the noodles in the sauce for a quick coat before plating.

Voila, and you are done! It’s as easy as that.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I will most certainly be creating more recipes using the Summer Fresh line for you guys to see. The Summer Fresh sauces will be available at all Loblaws starting Feb 1st 2013 near the fresh meat aisle.

Happy Cooking!

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