Fray on Fraser (Now Closed)- Portobello Jenga Fries. Bam.

If you haven’t heard already, the local dining and board gaming restaurant called “Fray on Fraser” is now officially closed. The reason was not because they were not earning enough profit, it was because of a legal dispute between investors. It’s a very sad thing to witness, really. 
I came here with a bunch of my friends right before Fray closed and had a wonderful time. We were definitely planning on coming back but now I guess we can’t. 🙁 I won’t be writing a full blog post on how the food was but here are some pictures of our dining experience.

Portobello Jenga Fries.

Maple Bacon Jam Burger.

Superfood Salad.

Goodbye, Fray. We will miss you terribly. I am sure something amazing will come out of this unfortunate ordeal.

Happy Eating!

 <– don’t be sad. be happy goat!
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One thought on “Fray on Fraser (Now Closed)- Portobello Jenga Fries. Bam.

  • Anonymous

    From Fray co-owner Chris: Thanks, Kirby.
    But don't worry – we'll be back, in slightly changed form, real soon.


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