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Peaked Pies – Mother of Pies

Recently there has been an abundance of speciality pie shops in Vancouver (ie. Aussie Pie Guy, The Pie Hole,  The Pie Shoppe) and now Whistler has followed suit.

I did a quick search on Urbanspoon for places to eat in Whistler and found an interestingly high rating for a new place called Peaked Pies. They are located right by Elements and Splitz Grill.

Peaked Pies was created by Kerri & Alex who wanted to bring the traditional Aussie Meat Pie to Whistler patrons all year long. They use only the freshest ingredients and bake their pies in-house daily.

They have a wide variety of pies including Vegetable Medley, Beef Curry, Thai Chicken Satay, Steak Bacon & Cheese…etc. You can also choose to “peak” your pie (approx $3 more) to get a scoop of mash potatoes, mash peas, and a scoop of gravy on top.

Their pies looked lovely on display and the “Chunky Pepper Steak” totally called my name.

And of course, I peaked my pie!! Hehe.  The Chunky Pepper Steak Pie ($9.75) was filled with diced AA Canadian steak, onions, brown gravy, and a crap load of pepper!! Seriously if you are a pepper lover like me, you will NOT be disappointed.

It was my first time trying mushy green peas and boy was it delicious. The hearty combination of gravy, peas, mash potato, and steak brought back nostalgic memories and feelings of home.

I highly recommend Peaked Pies for lunch or a quick snack next time you travel to Whistler because their meat pies will blow your mind! Also make sure to get yours ‘peaked’ or else you won’t get the full experience!

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

Peaked Pies on Urbanspoon

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