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Milltown Bar & Grill – Another Great Hidden Gem

Guess what?! Today I visited a little hidden gem called Milltown Bar & Grill and I want to tell you all about it! This bar/restaurant is located on a remote island right between Richmond and South Vancouver, near the Marpole area. And it’s in such a secluded island that you’ll never be able to just ‘run into’ this restaurant while driving around so make sure you google map this place before you make the trip.

Since today was bright and at a perfect 23 degrees, I had to cool down with a strawberry margharita. Wish it had a salt rim like the traditional ones do but oh well, maybe I’ll ask them personally to make me a salt rim next time.

Our whole dinner comprised of a bunch of appies so this is the first of the bunch. Their Pork Cheek Pizza ($16.50) has pulled pork cheek with red onions, fennel, basil, mozzerella and parmesan cheese on a bed of bbq marinara sauce. Everyone enjoyed this and thought the marinara sauce was super fresh.

Pork cheeks just seemed like such an interesting thing to put on a pub menu so we also got the Panko Pork Cheeks ($14).  It’s essentially whole large pieces of pork cheeks crusted in panko and deep fried. The meat was so tender it was falling apart, and I personally really liked the arugula because it added a nice freshness to the otherwise rich dish.

We got the Small Loaded Barge Nachos ($14.75) and we thought it was huge!! I can’t imagine how humongous the large one would be. Overall the nachos were loaded with delicious toppings and everything was quite evenly coated.

The thing I liked most about the nachos is that it comes with sour cream, guac, and black bean pico de gallo! Usually you have to pay extra for that but not at Milltown!

Even from this picture you can tell their Milltown Poutine ($9) was a bit lackluster. It tasted alright but I wouldn’t get it again.

Last but not least we got the Large Chicken Wings – half Hot, half Salt & Pepper ($15.25). The wings were surprisingly large, plump, and really juicy! Also the flavours were on point and we could tell they were freshly fried. I absolutely hate wings that have been sitting under the heat lamp for hours but I can confidently say you won’t be getting that here.

All in all, Milltown is a little hidden gem of a pub and it reminds me of The Flying Beaver also located in Richmond. I will absolutely return to try all their different menu items when I’m feeling like pub food. Two thumbs up!

Service Rating: 2.5/5

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Happy Eating!

during those hot summer days 😛

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