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Yeti Yogurt (SFU) – Froyo Yolo

Vancouver already has an abundance of frozen yogurt establishments like Menchies, Qoola, Pinkberry, Scoop!, Timothy’s, and Yogen Fruz, so its no surprise for another one to hit the market!

This new froyo place is called Yeti Yogurt. There are two locations in Vancouver, one on the North Shore (North Van) and one on SFU Burnaby campus (Cornerstone area).

Look, it’s the abominable snowman! Their interior design is super cute and there’s even a big Yeti mascot figure eating froyo near the door.

For all you lactose intolerant folks (like my friend Piggley), there are some options here that you might enjoy. Not only do they have lactose free options like sorbet, they also have lactose free yogurt Forget the icy fruit ‘slush’-like ice cream… there’s actual creamy ‘ice-cream’!

They have 16 different flavours to choose from including french toast, nutella, sweet coconut, euro tart, pink pomegranate, yogi yeti ‘green tea’, and salted caramel.

We also noticed that they have a lot more toppings to choose from including four different kinds of popping pearls (near the back), two types of mochi, cookie dough chunks, and cheesecake chunks.

Normally I only see one type of gummy offered but here they have 6! They also have chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate rocks, kit kat bars, yogurt covered pretzels… cool stuff.

Doesn’t this look like a breakfast cereal station?

Meta Knight and I went with two tart flavours: Euro Tart and Pink Grapefruit ($5.60).ย These two flavours actually complimented each other very well and tasted oh so delicious with sweet fruit, chocolate chips, gummies, lychees, chocoalte rocks, and popping fruit pearls.

Their Pink Pomegranate tasted really fresh and like it was made with pure pomegranate juice. The lactose free yogurt was indeed creamy and not like a sorbet at all.

I found their frozen yogurts to be creamy, light, and very true to its flavours which I appreciate. It also wasn’t saturated in colouring (which shows they don’t use food colouring) nor had any weird after-taste like “watermelon flavoured froyo” I’ve had in the past.

In my opinion, Yeti Yogurt is a big contender for the froyo market in Vancouver even though they only have two suburban locations right now. For all you SFU goers and North Burnaby residents, don’t miss out on this ‘cool’ little place. ๐Ÿ˜€

They open till 10:00pm on Sundays, 10:30pm from Mon-Thurs, and 11pm on Fri and Sat.

Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

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