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Purpose Smoothie Co. (Steveston) – Reminds me of Hawaii

Purpose Smoothie Co. is a smoothie and acai bowl shop that just opened up this summer in Steveston. If you’re like me and have been searching all over Vancouver for the same acai bowls as you had in Hawaii, you should continue to read on because I found the place! Purpose is located right in between Tao Day Spa, Blenz Coffee, and Hogshack Cook House on Bayview Street. It’s a little secluded, though not completely hidden as you can see a bunch of people usually standing inside or near it waiting for their smoothies.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Braeden and was delighted to find out that Hawaii was where he found the inspiration for his acai bowls! He loved it so much when he was there that he just had to recreate it here for his fellow Vancouverites to enjoy.

Their menu is simple. Smoothies, snack smoothies, bowls, and oatmeal/soup.

I chose the regular Acai Bowl ($12) made with local Okanagan peaches, chia seeds, granola, hemp seeds, and local blueberries. It’s always nice to see business owners take the initiative to integrate local, organic products into their menu and here at Purpose, you can really taste the difference. The bowl was so delicious Meta Knight and I gobbled it up within seconds. The peaches were perfectly ripe, the blueberries were plump, and the acai berry base had a good thick consistency (raise your hand if you’ve had liquidy acai bowls! Bleh!).

The Green Monster ($8) smoothie was also delicious and delightfully light. I liked how it’s also not very sweet so it really does TASTE like a healthy green smoothie. My own personal pet peeve are ‘green drinks’ that are laden with fruit sugars just to make it super sweet and appealing to mass consumers.

All in all, I think Purpose Smoothie Co. is a great addition to Steveston Village. Now when I get those cravings for smoothies or acai bowls while taking a stroll along the pier, I know where to go to get my fix. Give Purpose a try and chat with Braeden if you go!

Service Rating: N/A

Food Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Happy Eating!

 dancing lion king hula timon hawaiian GIF
How I feel after eating their acai bowl 😉

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