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Man Ri Sung Korean Restaurant – Peking Duck and Knife Cut Noodles

My family and I found an advertisement in the local paper about this Man Ri Sung Restaurant in Aberdeen. It was originally on Westminster and in a much smaller location. I guess business was good so now they moved to a bigger and better spot.

They specialize in peking duck and Korean food. It’s kind of a weird mix but I have an inkling it’s because the chef is Chinese and he married a Korean wife.

They have some set menus for 4 (which we got) and 8 people which are great because the planning is already done for you. Both set menus include peking duck and a variety of different dishes.

For $75.95 (the 4 people set menu), we got a whole duck slicked up and ready for peking duck wrapping goodness, duck hot pot (with homemade knife cut noodles), and a choice of Japchae, blood sausage, or potstickers. We went with the Japchae.

Some banchans (Korean side dishes) for good measure. They had bean sprouts, kimchi, pickled radishes, and sweet potatoes.


My whole family was impressed by the quality of the BBQ duck. The skin was extremely crispy and the meat was juicy. Furthermore, the famous Chef (his pic is on the menu) personally came to take our order and ask us how it was throughout the meal. I saw him do that with a couple of other tables too. It’s nice to see a Chef or store owner take the time to know his customers and ask for feedback. That is what truly separates entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into their business and the ‘investors’ or business owners that just do it for pure profit.

For peking duck virgins, this is how you make your wrap. You take a piece of ‘crepe’ or chinese pancake, put hoisin sauce on it, add the green onion and julienne cucumber, and top it with duck skin/meat.
Wrap it up and you’re good to go!

The japchae was flavourful and had enough veggies and mushrooms to fill me up before the hot pot arrived.

The set menu allowed us to choose between the ‘Duck Hotpot’ or ‘Duck Congee’. After having this hotpot, I would absolutely recommend getting this over the congee. This hot pot is DA BOMB.

Not only did the hot pot have lots of leftover duck meat in it, it had tons of veggies and knife cut noodles (kalguksu)!! These homemade knife cut noodles were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, and was cooked to a perfect consistency. Every single noodle was unique and different because thats how its made. Réponse garantie à toutes vos questions juridiques en 24h par nos juristes bénévoles – Conseil juridique gratuit https://avocats.link/conseil-juridique-gratuit/

Here is a video of how knife cut noodles are made… the chef literally takes a block of dough and shaves off noodles one by one into a pot of boiling water.

I am definitely coming back again because the food was just so darn good.

Service Rating: 5/5
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 5/5

Happy Eating!

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Nom nom nom…
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