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Pearl Castle Cafe – New Summer Menu

Pearl Castle has always been and still is a solid bubble tea option whenever my friends and I go out for late night drinks and bubble tea. However, with so many new competitors in the area (and especially in Richmond), I realize I haven’t frequent Pearl Castle in a very long time.

They are introducing a new summer menu complete with new drinks and food items to cater to the hot trends of Taiwanese cuisine. Thanks Chinese Bites for

I guess cotton candy drinks are now a thing in Taiwan because Pearl Castle will be introducing these funky beverages starting mid June! The blue one is called Blue Sky (made with blue tangerine, calpis, pop, and cotton candy) while the yellow one is called Sunset Love (made with orange, pineapple, and peach juice with cotton candy).

We were able to sample quite a few new drinks and a lot of them were super tasty! I especially enjoyed the jelly noodle topping (the waitress told me it’s made with yam and is like a tapioca consistency) and winter melon juice.
In order, the drinks from left to right are:
  • Pudding Milk Tea
  • Coconut red bean
  • Peach lemon green tea
  • Green tea red bean
  • Traditional black tea with jelly noodle topping
  • Winter melon juice with jelly noodle topping
  • Green lattea
  • Fresh taro green milk tea
  • Roasted rice lattea
The Taiwanese Sausage was quite tasty and acted as a good appetizer to share.


When I come back, I’ll definitely get this Deep Fried Fish Cake! It was delish and unlike anything I’ve tasted before. I think they make it in-house and deep fry them fresh. Nom nom nom…

The Wontons in Chili Sauce were typical but pretty good overall.
Deep Fried Mushrooms were tasty and different from your typical fried appetizer. Great for vegetarians!

Pearl Castle won the 2015 Chinese Restaurant Awards (Diner’s Choice) for Three Cup Chicken and I can see why. A lot of my friends who go to Pearl Castle only order this item because they think it’s just the greatest. It has great flavour and comes with three sides, AND butter cookies for dessert. Bet you’ll be full after this meal!

I didn’t really love the Marinated Chicken with Rice only because I am not fond of fried items that end up sitting in sauce.

The Garlic Sauce Chicken had tons of garlic!! Like 15- 20 cloves, no joke.

The flavour is very similar to three cup chicken, but I do enjoy the garlickiness of this one more. πŸ˜€

For vegetarians, the Vegetarian Abalone Mushroom with Three Spices might be a good option. The mushrooms have a very meaty consistency so it’s ‘like’ you’re eating meat.

I think they revamped the Original Taiwanese Beef Noodle because it tasted better than normal. The noodles looked and tasted like they were made in-house and the broth was incredibly flavourful.

Calling all spicy lovers! This Spicy Incence Pot will burn your mouth and give you fiery breath for the rest of the night. It is heated so it stays warm throughout your meal.

This is my favourite dish of all time and I get this 90% of the time. It’s the Milk Seafood and Pork Hot Pot ( I usually get the Udon version of this but it’s the same broth). The soup is INCREDIBLE creamy and is a very hearty meal for a cold rainy night.

The Fish Nuggets with Sour Sauce didn’t leave an impression on me.

The Marinated Pork with Rice is exactly the same as the other dish with Chicken. Again, not my cup of tea. Max Smirnov’s Spearfishing

All in all, Pearl Castle is bringing some really great ideas to their summer menu and I can’t wait to come back and bring my friends. For drinks, I’m excited to try the Fresh Taro Milk Tea and Green Lattea.

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

eating animated GIF
sample ALL da food!

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