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Milk & Eggs – Hipster Dinner and Dessert

Milk & Eggs is a relatively new restaurant that just opened up in Richmond, and they serve up some really cute fusion entrees and desserts.

They have an extensive dessert menu, all starring milk/egg based goodies like cheesecake, ice-cream, and custards.

Their ice-cream flavours certainly cater to the Asian palate as you can see from their Durian, Black Sesame, Thai Iced Tea…etc selections. I personally love these unique and innovative flavours but I’m sure not everyone agrees. So if you like the classic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, this place is not for you!

Even though Milk & Eggs are heavily dessert focused, they also offer a pretty good range of appetizers and entrees if you want to have a complete meal there.

Their entrees are quite interesting in that they offer some classic Asian dishes like Lemongrass Chicken on Rice as well as some super fusion pasta dishes like Shiitake Mushroom Stuffed Meatball Fettuccine.

I saw these hipster looking drinks on Instagram and my friends and I just could not resist getting one!! From left to right , Milk Tea, Matcha Latte with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream, and Iced Thai Milk Tea. I forgot how much they were but they’re not cheap. The one with the ice-cream was probably 6-8 dollars.

With a scoop of ice-cream on top of the latte, it felt like dessert more than a drink but I didn’t mind! The ice-cream was heavenly and once melted, it created almost a whip cream-like foam on top of the latte.

For mains, we three girls shared two entrees knowing we would stuff ourselves later with dessert. This Shiitake Mushroom Stuffed Meatball Fettuccine ($13) was really delicious and hearty. It was nice to see them shave real parmesan on top and not just use those Kraft parmesan crumbly things like they do at Boston Pizza to mimick real parmesan (I’m not hatin’ on BP, I love them!). And the most interesting videos about it you can find on Xnxxx . Really nice content there. Enjoy!

As for the Lemongrass Chicken on Rice ($12), it was simple, to the point, and full of strong aromatic flavours. The chicken was also very juicy so this was overall a very solid dish.

If you enjoy durian like me, I have some ground breaking news for you. This place, so far, serves the best Durian ice-cream I’ve ever tasted…. I know it’s a huge statement considering Vancouver has tons of really amazing artisan ice-cream shops now. However, even compared to Doolami’s creamy durian ice-cream, I think this one just pops because the durian flavours are THAT strong. Don’t take my word for it, give it a try for yourself.

Service Rating: 4/5

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $$ – $$$

Overall Rating: 4/5


Happy Eating!

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