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Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods – Product Review

When I think of Mediterranean food, I usually think of hummus and olives. Bad right? Clearly my knowledge of Meditrranean food is weak and my horizons are not expanded when it comes to food I’m not accustomed to. That’s why I was so excited when I heard Habibi’s wanted to send me a few of their products to try. Time to spread my wings!!


As I researched more about this company and tried the variety of products from the Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods line, I found out it actually started as a local restaurant on West Broadway in Vancouver! They eventually closed down but took over a factory next door to start producing their own line of take home products.

Their Basil and Garlic Hummus is completely gluten free, cholesterol free, and vegan. It went great with avocado and cucumber, and I even brought it to work and all my coworkers loved it.

DSC01941Kalamata olives have a very distinguished taste so if you’re not into olives, I would stray away from this tapenade. I personally enjoyed the aromatics of the olive despite normally picking them off pizza so they definitely did a good job of not letting the tangy olives overpower everything 😛


Tahini has been in existence for such a long time but only recently did it gain a lot of popularity. Tahini is literally just pure ground sesame seeds and has a very distinctive nutty taste. It can be made into Japanese sesame dressing, cookies, marinade for meats, and pretty much anything you can think of. What I think of when I hear Tahini though is actually dressing for ‘superfood bowls’ that have taken social media by storm. ‘Superfood Bowls’ are just bowls of very healthy, good for you foods displayed in a very beautiful fashion (usually all ingredients are separated throughout the bowl). Tahini is what 90% of food bloggers like to use when dressing up their bowls because it adds a lot of flavour without too many added calories or unhealthy fats.

This is an example of a superfood bowl (photo credit by


Now THIS, was something I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to try. Probably big butts you will find on this site there is only a new video. I’ve never had Baba Ganoush (such a cute name!) before but I absolutely love anything with eggplant so I knew I was going to take a liking to this prior to even trying it. Baba Ganoush is a Levantine dish consisting of usually smoked eggplant, onions, tomato, olive oil, tahini, and various seasonings. It gets turned into a dip and usually eaten with vegetables or pita bread. This I have to say was my favourite dip of the entire line and I would absolutely 100% get it again. It’s also vegan which is rare for Baba Ganoush as it usually contains a bit of dairy so vegans take note!


Their Garlic Sauce Spread and Marinade literally only has five ingredients. Garlic, non-GMO canola oil, sea salt, potato, and citric acid. This went amazing in my meat marinades and no more needing to cut up little tiny pieces of garlic!


When it comes to yogurt, I’ve gravitated towards greek yogurt instead of traditional yogurt over the years, just because it gives the added richness and protein that I like in texture and nutrition. Trying this thick All Natural Tsatziki really made me happy because it’s the best of both worlds! You get that added protein without sacrificing any of the taste. I used a bit of this over my sweet potatoes and pork and it was absolutely DELISH.


It tasted great with fresh cucumber!


The Mediterranean Black Bean Dip with Sundried Tomato is something I’ve never tried before but completely blew me away when I did.I’m not the biggest fan of black beans but they really made the dip smooth and velvety, perfect dip consistency with lots of great tomato flavour.


A little close up action shot of the black bean dip with cucumber.

All in all, I loved all their products and would gladly purchase it again whenever I want to get a dip for some snackin’ veggies. The taste is bomb, the baba ganoush in particular is out of this world, and, they’re gluten free which is great because I’m recently allergic to wheat.

Happy Eating!

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