Mapo Dumpling (Hongdae, Korea) – Quick Affordable Mandu

Even though Meta Knight and I were only in Korea for one day, we really wanted to get the most out of Seoul (as would most people right?). In that one day, we went all out and explored so many different districts and eateries it was crazy. We probably

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One thing I really missed about Korea was their Mandu (Korean dumplings). You can get them at any local mom and pop shop and I love how they’re super affordable, always made in-house, and makes for a great afternoon snack. After googling up some places around Hongdae, we settled on Mapo Dumpling because Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi recommended it on their blog. 🙂

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As you can see, everything on their menu is so inexpensive!!! For a thrifty and cost conscious person like myself, this is like heaven on earth.

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The dumplings were only three bucks each and I wish we were hungry enough to get Soondae as well because they were only three bucks too. Usually at H-Mart they’re 8 bucks. 🙁 In the end we settled on Galbi Mandu (Short Rib Dumplings) and Fish Cake for a buck.

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The Galbi Mandu came in 10 pieces on a steamer along with a dipping sauce.

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They’re a tiny bit smaller than regular gyozas or Chinese dumplings but they still fill you up as they have ample filling inside the thin buoyant wrap. Meta Knight thought the short rib was the bomb and instantly wanted to get more after eating the first dumpling. 😛

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I love everything about fish cake (also known as Oden, Odeng). From the umami bonito seaweed broth that always tastes light and comforting, to the salty fish cake that always promises to bounce between your teeth, it’s no wonder why I get it every time I see it on the menu!

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This fish cake was friggin delicious. If you like chicken noodle soup or Korean seaweed soup, you’ll absolutely love this. And for only a buck, this can’t be beat!!

Service Rating: 4/5

Food Rating: 5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 5/5


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