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Bubble Waffle Cafe – Sizzling Teppanyaki Rice For The Win!

If you’re a fan of fish soup noodles, you will most likely know of the restaurant “Bubble Waffle Cafe”. It’s actually funny that they’re called Bubble Waffle Cafe because they don’t particularly specialize in it. As in.. they don’t have an abundance of flavours and the entire menu is not centered around it. In fact, it’s a side item you would get for $1 if you buy any of their entrees.


I remember when they were struggling with its first location in Richmond as they were going head to head against the already popular Deer Garden. Since then, it has exploded with 8 locations popping up all over the Lower Mainland. This particular location that I went to with Queen B is the one in Ironwood Plaza in Richmond.


The tables and chairs are comfortable but this definitely is not a place to chill and hang out for a couple hours. You will most likely get in and get out.


This location not only serves up the typical Fish Soup Noodle combo, but they offer something exclusive not available to the other Bubble Waffle cafes. The Teppanyaki Rice Combo. It’s similar to Pepper Lunch, and you can choose from Angus beef, Mongolian lamb, Kurobuto Pork, Salty chicken nuggets, fish puff, squid, original duck breast, or black pepper duck breast.


I chose the Homemade Original Duck Breast Teppanyaki Combo with Udon ($11.95 + $0.50). I heard a lot of great things about their duck breast but I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I thought it would. On another occasion I tried Meta Knight’s black pepper duck breast and it was SO much better. I’d recommend sticking with the black pepper one if you plan to get duck breast teppanyaki here.


Our combo came with a drink so Queen B and I got the Iced Milk Tea.


We also added a dollar for their famous Bubble Waffle. They definitely perfected the recipe here as the quality is on par to the ones you’d get on the streets of Hong Kong. Perfect snack but make sure to eat them while they’re hot and crispy!


Queen B got the Beef Teppanyaki Combo with Rice ($11.95) and hers was absolutely delicious.  There is something about beef, egg, and rice that makes a dish like this so fulfilling. Now that I’ve tried this teppanyaki rice, I think I like it more than Pepper Lunch!

Service Rating: 3/5

Food Rating: 3/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3/5


Happy Eating!

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