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Science of Cocktails 2017 – A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

Science of Cocktails is back again for it’s second year of drinking, technology, science, and fun. If you’ve never heard of Science of Cocktails, its an annual event put on by Science World to raise money for the Science World Class Field Trip Bursary program. The Science World Dome is transformed into an evening of ‘adult’ celebration and showcases the best of the best in gastronomy, chemistry, biology, and physics in bartending and culinary skill.

At this sold out event, more than 1,500 tickets were sold, over 25 bar stations were available, and exactly 12 food stations provided delicious cuisine to absorb all the good ol’ alcohol.

In its first year in 2016, #SOC raised $185,000. This year, they actually surpassed their goal of $200,000 and raised $240,000. What a fantastic achievement! Their CEO, Scott D. Sampson spoke to this amazing feat and I really appreciate it when for-profit organizations give back to the community through initiatives like these.

I am a HUGE fan of Kombucha and the health benefits of it so I was intrigued to see it being served here with Hornitos reposado, rise hibiscus rosehip kombucha, sugar, and rosebuds.

When walking around the event, I searched for the stations with the most unique creations and I found Dave and Geoff Mott’s rendition of this Cocktail Popsicle called Hurricane-sicle. It’s made with Appleton Estate rum, passion fruit, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Highly recommended if you ever see them at #SOC again!

The Dirty Apron made a debut and sampled their Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Lamb Ragu and Parmigiano-Reggiano Foam. It tasted heavenly and don’t let it deceive you. This one large pillowy gnocchi was incredibly filling.

Science of Cocktails is really the place for experimentation for a lot of experienced chefs and bartenders. That’s why it is considered the perfect canvas for them to create things they normally would not but want to try out for creativity’s sake. Take this, Smoked Fat Wash Boulevardier Ice Cream for example. They used not only the pork fat rendered from the pork belly being served next station at Pidgin, but they used it and to create their own alcoholic ice-cream (using liquid nitrogen of course)!!!

One of the best desserts of the night was made by Jesse Hochhausen and his team from Showcase Restaurant & Bar. They created a mystical dessert creation using liquid nitrogen, meringue, passion fruit, kaffir lime, white chocolate, and coconut tart.

While this was not one of my favourite flavour combinations, this Carrot & Ginger Sphere on Meringue Coconut Nest still won me over by their use of chemistry and molecular gastronomy.

Chau Veggie Express (my blog post on them here) made an appearance with their fresh namaste roll (topped with edible flowers!). Accompanied by two homemade sauces (peanut and coconut), these transported me right back to my time in Asia. <3

Because the event sold out early this year and due to huge demand, it is likely that 2018 tickets will sell out even earlier. For those looking to secure attendance for next year, pre-sale 2018 tickets are now available for a limited time at (Pre-sale ticket prices: $125 General/ $225 VIP)

*FYI: 2017 Regular Ticket Prices were $159 General and $289 VIP. A tax receipt will also be issued to those purchasing VIP tickets.

Happy Eating!

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when you remember you’re helping children by having a fun night of dranks

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