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Kokoro Ramen – New Kid On The Block

There is a new ramen place in town! Kokoro Ramen is a relatively new restaurant on Victoria Drive and 41st. With its awning all around the restaurant occupying the corner spot, it’s hard to miss it.

As you can see, they stress authenticity and healthy choices! Healthy ramen?! Let’s see about that….

The interior is very cute with one big wooden communal table in the middle and many regular tables on the side. One would never guess the interior would look so modern judging by the outside.

Since I’m pretty frugal, the first thing I noticed was the price of all of these ramens! For a ramen joint in this area of the city, I was surprised to see anything over $10 per bowl. The eggs are also considered an ‘add-on’ so to order a Deluxe Chicken Ramen with an egg costs $14!!

Their hot tea also costs extra -FYI.

I loveee sesame seeds so I really appreciated the jar of roasted sesame seeds on the table as well a as a little jar of togarashi (japanese chili spices).

Meta Knight got the Miso Ramen w/egg ($13.45) which came with bamboo shoots, cha shu, green onions, napa cabbage, seaweed, and an egg.

To his surprise, he really loved the miso broth! It was incredibly flavourful and rich, without feeling too fatty or oily. He also really enjoyed the egg, which was cooked to perfection with a gel-like yolky center.

I on the other hand, got the Creamy Deluxe Chicken Ramen w/out egg ($12.50)It came with pumpkin, broccoli, corn, seaweed, cha shu, and green peas. Despite the prices being steep for the location, I would still highly recommend giving this place a try because my chicken ramen was on point! I’m not sure how they made this broth but it was creamy without being artery clogging thick (which is what I think of Marutama sometimes, I know =.=, don’t kill me).

In addition to the broth, I actually liked the unconventional veggie toppings like broccoli, peas, and pumpkin just because it made the meal a *little* bit healthier. All in all, I finished my bowl, soup and all, and was surprised at myself for liking this place.

I would recommend Kokoro Ramen for ramen enthusiasts that are willing to shell out a little bit more for a higher quality bowl of ramen. It’s worth it if you factor in everything from decor, to quality, to taste. But if you’re just looking for something to satisfy your belly, a regular $8 bowl of pho will suffice.

Service Rating: 4/5

Food Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5


Happy Eating!

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