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The Good Stuff Co – Easiest Homemade Smoothies Ever

I was recently approached by The Good Stuff Co to try their line of “ready-to-blend” smoothies. “Ready-to-blend” means recipes with whole ingredients, frozen, and perfectly portioned for your blender. Think Blue Apron or Chef’s Plate, but for smoothies.

The company was co-founded by Michael and Tonner when they were roommates at UBC. They use ingredients that are mostly local, with a lot of it coming from UBC Farm. I wanted to try their delivery service but because I live right outside their delivery area, I instead picked it up from one of their pickup points on Broadway.

I received the below 6 smoothies:

– Good Morning (Focus Enhancer): banana, carrot, pineapple, kale, mango, coconut oil, matcha

– Easy Greens (Cleanse Alternative): apple, cucumber, pear, kale, chard, chia seeds, lemon juice, spearmint

– Kitsilano Sunrise (Antioxidant Booster): carrot, banana, chard, brazil nuts, maple syrup, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper

– Diesel Monster (Muscle Builder): yam, banana, kale, chocolate Vega sport performance protein, peanut butter, cacao nibs, cinnamon

– Wise Ninja (Anti-inflammatory): banana, gold beet, kale, plain yogurt, medjool dates, ginger, orange turmeric, black pepper

– Purple Cowboy (Hunger Halter): banana, carrot, chard, raspberry, blackberry, vanilla Vega sport protein, hemp hearts

All of their containers are 100% compostable! Yay for the environment!

They give you a neat little instruction sheet so you know exactly how to properly blend the product! I used mostly almond milk with all of the smoothies but you can use water, juice, or any other liquid you’d like. Also, I have a Nutri Bullet and not a full blender but I found it worked well when I pulsed it a few times, adding a bit more liquid each time until I reached the right consistency.

The Wise Ninja scared me at first because I didn’t think it would taste good with barely any fruit (except banana). Also it had tumeric and black pepper which are ingredients I’ve never put in smoothies before.

Frozen goodies ready to be blended!

All of the frozen ingredients slide out as one big chunk and it’ll kind of look like this in your Vitamix blender or Nutri Bullet. My specific Nutri Bullet is this one here and it works SUPER well. I have been using it for years and it works like new every time.

This smoothie really surprised me as it was delicious! The orange extract made it taste fruitier than it was and the ginger gave it a good kick. Also because I used almond milk, it was quite creamy and not slushy at all.

My favourite smoothie of the bunch was Diesel Monkey, which is this one here.

This is a chocolate banana protein smoothie but when I dumped out all the ingredients it looked so green and orange with the yam and kale!

Despite all of the veggies, it turned out completely creamy, smooth, and chocolate-ful. Seriously, I couldn’t taste the yam and kale at all! All I tasted was a delicious, thick, post-workout chocolate smoothie with cacao nibs (my fav), and peanut butter. Highly recommend this after a tough workout. 🙂 It felt so satisfying. <3

I don’t want to bombard the post with too many photos so below are my thoughts on the other smoothies:

Good Morning smoothie was a great smoothie to start the day as it wasn’t super sweet which I liked. You definitely can taste the matcha, banana, and kale, but not so much the mango

Purple Cowboy smoothie was my least favourite just because I don’t like the taste of vanilla Vega protein. It’s a personal preference though so I can imagine other people really like this one

Easy Green smoothie was very easy to drink and super refreshing. However all the ‘pulp’ collected on top which made it hard to drink in the end. Also fyi, this smoothie is a swamp water colour so don’t get scared 🙂

Kitsilano Sunrise was delicious and not very sweet despite having bananas and maple syrup. The combo of ingredients and flavours are super unique so if you want to stray away from the typical fruit smoothies, this one is a good choice

All in all, I would highly recommend The Good Stuff Co to anyone wanting to get their veggies in first thing in the morning, without all of the hassle of buying, washing, and cutting up produce. After I drank one of these smoothies as breakfast, I felt so great and didn’t feel guilty during lunch or dinner when I wasn’t able to eat super healthy. At $5.95, it doesn’t break the bank either to be a bit healthier each day, so I will most likely be continuing with their smoothies in the future! I just hope they expand their delivery area to include Richmond soon 🙂

Service Rating: N/A

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


Happy Eating!

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