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L’Eclair De Genie – A Work of Art + Help Me Win a Trip to Paris :P

The first Canadian L’Eclair de Genie location is right on our very own Robson Street and I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since they’ve been open! I went to their grand opening event in the summer and I remember the anticipation, waiting to see what’s behind the doors of this worldwide eclair phenomenon.

To celebrate their 6 month anniversary, they held a Halloween Soiree last night in which people and media were invited to dress up in their costumes, taste all 12 of their eclair flavours, and participate in some games and contests. When we sat down, we were first welcomed by a full size Nº37 – Eclair Erable Maple Cream. Funny enough, this maple custard eclair was my favourite of all the ones I tried yesterday. Reminiscent of a maple dip donut from Timmys, but obviously way more elevated.

To celebrate Halloween, they offered a pumpkin puree cream eclair called Nº165 – Halloween Pumpkin Cream. Even though I enjoyed it, it wasn’t my favourite flavour of the bunch.

From top to bottom: Nº262 – Tainori Gramd Cru made with Tanori 64% Single Origin Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate, Nº225 – Vanille Pecan (super delicious, and this is coming from a person who normally despises all ‘vanilla’ flavours), Nº217 – Praline Noisette (similar to Nutella, with less cocoa flavour), Nº224 – Citron Yuzu made with lemon yuzu cream and crispy meringue (amazing! The yuzu flavour is prominent and perfectly tart), and their signature No.1 – Caramel Beurre Sale made of salted caramel and mascarpone cream (one of my ultimate flavourite flavours).

If you look carefully at each elcair, you’ll notice some intricate details that one would only find in pieces of art. From the flecks of gold glitter, or the gold pellets designed to provide extra crunch and texture, you can tell everything aspect of the eclair has been well thought over by Chef Christophe Adam.

The two new ones here are Nº120 – Cheesecake Mangue and the Nº216 – Chestnut Blackcurrant. I personally enjoyed the chestnut blackcurrant flavour more than the mango cheesecake.  It was an interesting mix of flavours and I rarely see that combo anywhere.

One eclair I want to mention as well is the Nº148 – Tiramisu. It’s a new flavour and it is an excellent rendition of the tiramisu in eclair form. It is comprised of mascarpone chantilly, dulcey/coffee ganache, caramel/coffee coulis, and coffee syrup. This is a definite must try.

Last but not least, one of the contests from the Halloween Soiree is they’re giving one influencer a free trip to Paris! (Yeah, you heard right!) The influencer that has the most likes (by Friday Nov 3rd, 2017) on their L’Eclair De Genie post will win and I would absolutely love to go to Paris (or Europe for that matter)! If you enjoy my posts or my blog, I ask that you like my photo (here) and help a sister out! 🙂

Happy Eating!

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