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Cineplex VIP Experience -2019 Menu (Completely Revamped!)

First off, I don’t know why my super old 2014 blog post on the Cineplex VIP Experience is still such a heavy hitter on Google Search because people every day are still referring to that super old post to look at the Cineplex VIP menu!

Cineplex VIP Cinemas recently partnered with me (thank you!) to give my readers/followers a hosted tour of what the NEW 2019 Cineplex VIP experience really looks like… because they’ve done some major renovations on their menu, food offerings, and lounge area. I hope you enjoy! I went to the Marine Gateway (Vancouver) Cineplex VIP location and it is quite newly built.

My first initial reaction to their lounge was that it was SLICKKK! It had the vibe of Milestones or Earls, but with touches of movie and theatrics throughout… like these Brad and Clooney posters.

They are fully licensed and as you’ll see later, their alcoholic beverage menu is surprisingly extensive. Did you also know that you can go to the lounge and eat/drink there without a ticket?! True fact!

This Marine Gateway location had a beautiful patio for those breezy summer nights. We of course took this opportunity to chill at the patio! Only the best online friv games are presented on this mega portal.

On the first page, you’ll already notice the most interesting item on their cocktail menu. FISHBOWL COCKTAILS. Who would’ve thought Cineplex would offer such drinks? Back in 2014, they definitely did not have such cool options.

Check out the next few photos for their menu offerings:

They have a special Wednesday Cineplex VIP “Date Night” promotion right now where you can get 2 VIP movie tickets, 3 courses at the lounge, for only $69 each! Considering a VIP ticket is $25.99, you really only have to pay ten bucks more to get a full 3 course dinner.

I obviously had to get the Fishbowl cocktail. ๐Ÿ˜€ This is called “Give Me All the Vodka ($18)” and is made with three different types of Ciroc. The cocktail was pretty light as the rest is just juice. It was super refreshing though!

My boyfriend went with the Strawberry Gin Smash ($12). It was really tasty and it’s a great refreshing summer drink. I would get it again.

The spread!!! If you don’t finish your food by the time the movie starts, you can actually bring your drinks and food into the theatre with you (the servers can help). The VIP theatre is also only just steps away from the lounge so you don’t have to worry about walking too far with plates of food/drinks.

We felt the Buffalo Cauliflower ($12) was great in concept, but the batter was just a tad thick for our liking. I personally would have preferred big cauliflower florets covered in a light fry coating and light buffalo sauce. But that’s just me!

The Chicken Quesadilla ($15) + Guac ($2) was huge! It’s definitely enough for one person or as an appy for four. The guac was very well made and went great with the quesadilla.

For their burger menu, I LOVE how you can actually substitute the “Beyond” vegetarian burger patty with any of their burger offerings free of charge. And their beyond burger patty is thick! This is the Bacon and Bleu Burger ($17) + Truffle Fries (+$3) with Beyond Meat patty, blue cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, crispy onions, roasted garlic aioli, on an ACE Bakery Craft Bun.

I am normally not the type of person to choose a vegetarian patty over a meat patty but this one was actually friggin awesome. I love how ‘healthy’ the patty tasted (I wasn’t sweating oil after) yet it still kind of tasted like meat! I think I will actually stick with the Beyond Meat burger patty next time I come.

My boyfriend got the Halibut and Chips ($16) + Truffle Fries (+$3) and it came with three big strips of halibut. It was pretty good but not the best fish and chips we’ve ever had. The batter was just a tad thick. The truffle fries were pretty good!

We obviously did not have enough time to finish everything so we brought all of our food/drinks in. The VIP seats are much larger than regular/AVX and it reclines. It is also a loveseat so you can push the middle hand rest up and cozy up next to your partner. The tray also extends out so you can fit at least two dishes and a drink on each seat.

By the way, you also get less commercials and more trailers in the VIP theatres! You can order food and drinks up till the trailers end (which is 15 minutes after start time) by asking one of the servers who will be walking around the theatre. They will deliver your food/drinks to your seat after.

And if you were wondering… yes. I brought my fishbowl to my seat and drank it by myself while everyone stared. HAHA.

All in all, both my boyfriend and I were super impressed by how the VIP Cineplex Cinemas have changed since we last went in 2014! Their drink menus were pretty innovative, the food was surprisingly really good and is on par with Earls or Milestones, and their “Date Night” promo is actually a really good deal. I would definitely recommend it!

Disclosure: The entire VIP experience was complimentary including movie tickets, drinks, and food. However, all opinions are my own and Cineplex has no part in reviewing or approving this post before publishing.


Service Rating: N/A (media)

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

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You did good Cineplex… you did good

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