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Food and Art Tour in Langley – Culinary & The Arts

A little while ago, I had the privilege to attend a Culinary & The Arts (Two Day) experience courtesy of Chew On This Tasty Tours. It was truly an experience like no other and it’ll definitely make you feel like  a tourist, even in your own city.

The Culinary & The Arts is a two day workshop (I’ll get to that in a second) and you’ll be at mainly two physical locations. This tour is catered to everyone, but if you love pottery, art, tasting new cuisines (like plant-based!), then this tour is definitely for you!

1st Destination: Kizmit Gift Gallery

The 1st destination is the Kizmit Gift Gallery where you will meet the Gallery Owner, Carole DeBathe. She will introduce you to her collection of local BC artist’s work and you’ll even get to take home a super generous gift from her shop!

She has some truly beautiful artwork in the gallery. While we were enjoying all the pieces, they served us some delicious beverages from these gorgeous mugs (made by the amazing artist Elaine – who we were going to meet later).

2nd Destination: Elaine Brewer-White’s Art Studio

Next up is our 2nd destination, and that is Elaine Brewer-White’s art studio. Elaine is a graduate of The Emily Carr College of Art and Design and has spent 35+ years creating in clay. I didn’t know what to expect from this art portion but we soon found out that we will be creating our very own functional pieces of plates and mugs to bring home!

Elaine is a hilarious person so you’ll never be bored learning from her. Plus, her studio is like an art gallery itself so it’s super interesting to walk around and see all of her gorgeous pieces.

Make sure to leave your engagement/wedding rings/diamond bracelets at home! You’re going to get down and dirty making these clay pieces.

Destination 3: Down 2 Earth Plant Parlour (served at Elaine’s studio)

After a few hours, we headed on upstairs to the culinary aspect of our tour. The food!!

The next stop included meeting Alysa Ferguson, Owner and Head Culinary Director at Down 2 Earth Plant Parlour and her mixologist. The mixologist created a mean vegan Espresso Martini which was a great start to the meal.

We also got to nourish ourselves with some healthy malteaser shake (made with butternut squash, cocoa, medjool dates, etc!), Backyard BBQ Flatbread, Parlour Pick Me Up Horchata, and Orange Vitamin C Bundt Cake.

Every item was delicious and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it even if you’re a meat eater. I really enjoyed the Vitamin C Bundt Cake in particular and I LOVED the fact that they not only used orange juice in the batter, but also the pulp, the zest, everything. Nothing goes to waste.

“As a special offer from Lise and Chew On This Tasty Tours, use promo code vegan15 to get 15% off your Culinary & The Arts ticket!”

If you get a chance to go on this tour, DO IT! Go with your friends, go with your family members, go with someone you want to spend 3-4 hours chatting with. It’s such a fun way to spend the day and you get to go home with so many delicious and artsy goodies!

Just a reminder, Culinary & The Arts is for over 19+ years old and is a 2 day workshop because you have to return on a separate day to go back to Elaine’s studio to paint and glaze your pieces.

If you go, let me know in the comments what you think of the tour!

Happy Eating!

Art Dog GIF
how I felt making our art pieces


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