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Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House (Coquitlam) – Best Green Onion Fried Chicken Ever!

What many people might not know about Dae Ji, the pork cutlet and curry house is that they also offer really delicious fried chicken and beer. When thinking of chicken and beer places we often think of Zabu Chicken, Damso, Norboo, Ole Wings and Tapas, but Dae Ji is actually a really good option as well! Especially if you’re looking for some delicious green onion fried chicken.

IMG_20160507_124619The one Meta Knight and I went to is in Coquitlam. There are two other locations as well, one on Dunsmuir in downtown and one in Surrey.

IMG_20160507_125118We specifically wanted to get the Green Onion Fried Chicken ($23) but we didn’t know it was going to be so expensive when we went. Good thing the portion was reflective of the price. We both just ordered this, a bowl of rice, a miso soup, and we STILL had enough to pack home!

IMG_20160507_125347Cutesy homey decor with the an orange and black theme with sturdy yet uncomfortable chairs. This isn’t the ideal environment for you to lounge around and sit for hours with your friends, but the food will probably keep you staying longer than expected. 🙂

IMG_20160507_130614This comes with a huge portion of fried chicken topped with unseasoned and curled fresh green onion. The sauce on the side topped with sesame seeds MAKES the dish and provides a much needed ‘wetness’ to the textually dry chicken.

IMG_20160507_130559When you gather the green onion and chicken and eat it with the sauced up rice, the bite is money. I don’t know why the combination works so well together, but it just does. I’m now going through a ‘green onion fried chicken’ phase where I want to try this at every Korean chicken and beer restaurant I go to. If you have any suggestions of good chicken and beer places, please let me know!

Service Rating: 3/5

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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the combo of green onion and fried chicken is just BOMB

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