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New Dining Terrace (Richmond Center)- It’s Finally Open!

Richmond Center finally revealed the new Dining Terrace on Nov 1st 2012 with a grand event filled with Chinese lion dances and congratulatory speeches. It was a much anticipated reveal for me because I’ve grown up in Richmond so to see my favourite old movie theatre knocked down and built into a brand new food court was pretty exciting. 😛

They took the second floor of the movie theatre and turned it into a fresh and modern food court.

Many chains from the old food court such as KFC, Quiznos, NY Fries…etc got moved up but all of them revamped their storefront.

In addition to the regulars, Richmond Center also brought a few new faces along to the Dining Terrace. Pinkberry, Crepe de licious, Umi…. Now it’ll be even harder to make a decision on what to eat!

I just stuck with my fav for my first dining experience at the Dining Terrace, VINA. I used to come here a lot for their platters and roll dip. Guess what I got this time? The platter with roll dip. =.= It’s called Roll Dip Meal ($6.85).

They were fast, efficient, and friendly so I definitely recommend this place if you are craving Vietnamese eats.

Ta-Da! I know it looks pale and not super appetizing, but to me, this meal was awesome because I didn’t feel guilty from eating the deep fried spring roll since it was balanced by the salad and undressed vermicelli. If you can only try one thing from this place, try the roll dip. You’ll be lifted into crunchy, meaty heaven.

This is essentially the same as my Roll Dip Meal except with the addition of Beef Stew on top. It undoubtedly has more meat and flavour than mine so it’s great for people with larger appetites.

What a great sight. 😀

For dessert I headed to the new Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt. I got their Mini with Toppings ($2.95) and it was smaller than the size of my palm. I already have dainty hands so this cup was pretty mini. As for toppings, I went with Almond Roca, fresh strawberries, strawberry pearls, and chocolate balls.

The original flavour was tart, creamy, and all I could ask for in my frozen yogurt. However, the price is quite steep (small cup with toppings will come up to 6 bucks!) so I would only get it seldomly.

Overall, I love the new Dining Terrace and now I will actually have a reason to shop at Richmond Center again!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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2 thoughts on “New Dining Terrace (Richmond Center)- It’s Finally Open!

  • Ahhhhh why couldn't it have opened a month earlier so I could have seen it 🙁
    Looks awesome… way more modern and chic than the Aberdeen one for sure.


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