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Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches- Dirt Cheap Diner Food

Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches have been serving up quick diner style food in Richmond for many years now and is pretty much known for its unappealing decor but amazingly greasy delicious subs.
I forgot how dirt cheap this place was and I can’t believe I came here RIGHT after I wrote the “Top 5 Cheap Eats Under $5” post. This place should’ve been on that list as they definitely qualify. 
I have passed by this place a billion times before I ever went in and I think its largely due to the fact that nothing looks particularly fascinating from the outside. Little did I know this relatively unappealing store front holds a tiny little gem of cheap eats and yummy meat filled sandwiches.
I came here with Unger for some traditional breakfast and as you can see, almost nothing is over 5 bucks. How awesome is that?
They also have a rotating display case filled with delicious looking fried chicken at the front. Self control, meet your match.
I did a yoga class just before coming to Bob’s so I opted for something a little less greasy despite the overwhelming temptation of fried chicken, bacon and sausages. I ordered the Two Eggs ($3.50) which consisted of two steamed eggs, ham (but you can choose sausage or bacon as well), and hash browns (or you can sub this for toast). The steamed eggs didn’t give me a runny yolk so I regretted that decision. Otherwise, it was a solid typical breakfast. Especially for $3.50. Tax included.
Unger chose the Bob’s BIG Breakfast ($6.00) and it comes with three eggs, bacon and sausage, hashbrowns, and toast. I believe he wanted just bacon so he had a mountain of bacon-y goodness. He was surprised at the amount of food for six bucks. 
He wasn’t completely satisfied after the breakfast so he also ordered the Bob’s Special Sandwich ($4.75) which comes with ‘double steak and double egg!’. 

What you are staring at here is a sandwich of artery clogging deliciousness that should only be consumed once or twice a year. I think we all know that there is no way this could be good for your health but if you enjoy an occasional greasy meaty sandwich from time to time, definitely get one here.

Based on these reasons:

  • so cheap!! Find some chump change and get yourself a sandwich!
  • close to Brighhouse Skytrain station
  • their submarine sandwiches are so filling and worth your money
Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Happy Eating!
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2 thoughts on “Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches- Dirt Cheap Diner Food

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  • That double steak and double egg sandwich looks hearty. I think it's worth the money, considering all the protein you get in that. People who are used to eating a little less could easily put away half for their next meal.

    Personally, I think the sandwich was the best value. If I had limited cash I would have just bought that- you get all the folic acid from the eggs, dairy in the cheese and lots of extra protein from the steak.
    I wish you had tried one of their soups so I could know what that looks like.


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