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Chef’s Plate – Makes You Feel Like a Chef

Are you one of those people who want to cook at home but have no time? I don’t know about you but I feel like that ALL the time. I buy a lot of ingredients to hopefully make delicious dishes but things end up going bad before I get a chance to use them. 🙁 Luckily, there are companies like Chef’s Plate that want to make it easier for people like us to create quality dishes at home.
IMG_0638 (683x1024) I was lucky enough to be sent two meals from them to try out their service. On their website, I had the option of choosing what dishes I want and they change every week (love that!). After much debate (there were so many options to choose from!), I settled on the Glazed Turkey Tenderloin and the Tandoori Chicken.

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With every delivery, it comes with not only all of the ingredients to prepare the dishes, but a recipe card so you can follow them step by step. I found it super easy to read (love how they have pictures for every step) and everything was laid out pretty nicely.

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I also loved that they provided nutrition facts for the dishes as well. As a health conscious and relatively active person, I care a lot about how much fiber, calories, protein, and vitamins are in my food so this was a very nice surprise when I saw it on the back of the bag. Oh, and I almost forgot. All of the ingredients come shipped in a refrigerated box with ice packs so there’s no need to worry about the meat spoiling before you get home.

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As you can see, everything is individually packaged including fresh produce, meat, spices, etc. This keeps the cooking easy because everything is pre-measured!

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First, I had to slice up the veggies for the salad.

IMG_0652 (1024x683)

Chop chop chop!

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They pride themselves in using locally sourced ingredients and even the packaging on the turkey said it came from a local farm.

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We blackened the tenderloin and seared it in the pan as instructed. However, after the recommended 6 minutes, we cut into it and it was still raw. We had to put it back in a conventional oven to finish it off and get it fully cooked.

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The final product! Honestly, this dish was the bomb diggity. The salad was crisp, the quinoa was delicious and light, and the pomegranate molasses just brought the whole dish together. I honestly felt so proud of myself for whipping up this meal in 20 minutes even though I had almost everything prepped for me already. If you want to feel like a chef, then this is the way to do it. 😀

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Sadly, I don’t have pictures of my Tandoori Chicken because there was a hole in the chicken package, and it suddenly molded very quickly. I did make the chickpea side dish that goes along with the Tandoori chicken but it was missing the punch from the tandoori paste so I can’t fully review on the flavour.

All in all, I love the innovative and multicultural recipes that come out every week by Chef’s Plate, the refrigerated box that keeps everything nice and cold until you open the package, and ultimately the concept of helping busy couples and families eat in more often (while keeping things healthy). So far, I have only tried making one dish so hopefully I’ll get to try more in the future so I can keep reviewing!

Last but not least, use code #EATINGWITHKIRBY to get three meals free with your order from Chef’s Plate!

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Happy Eating!

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