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How to Choose the Right Nespresso Machine – Complete Buying Guide

Nespresso machines have changed the whole meaning of how coffee gets brewed. Providing extreme convenience and ease of use, they disrupted market of all the best espresso machines available today.

If you start your search for getting a right Nespresso machine, you will end up finding hundreds of options if not thousands. Filtering through all of them and finding the one doing a great job demands some knowledge about coffee machines and their functionality.

In this guide, I will tell you some serious factors to consider while buying a Nespresso Machine which does a perfect job for you and your family.

Decide Your Price Range

Nespresso machines range from $50 to $500 or more. Depending on their price, they offer various functionalities and ability to brew faster than the cheap ones. While the cheaper ones haven’t got everything to offer, they do a pretty good job if you want nothing but a straight espresso. On the other hand, the more expensive ones are highly reliable and offer one touch brewing and multiple coffee drinks options. Ever heard of an old-age saying, you get what you pay for? That’s what applies to Nespresso machines as well.

Storage Space

While the Nespresso machines are built for compact spaces, some of them are larger in size. Figure out what would be the perfect size for your kitchen or office first before you finally embark upon buying one. Some of them come with additional accessories and Nespresso capsule storage boxes. You need to take into account the space for those things as well.

Water Tank Size

It totally depends on how many people will be using the particular Nespresso machine on a daily basis. If you are planning to get one for your office, I would recommend getting a machine with larger water tank. For example, Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo comes with two water tanks on both sides of machine. Getting listed 2nd best espresso machine under $200 on my round-up list, this machine is one of the popular one out there coming with large water tank size.

On-going Capsules or One-time Use & Throw

In earlier Nespresso machine models, you were supposed to throw away the capsules once used. They turned out to be costly investment because of expensive Nespresso pods. Fast forward to current time, you can buy Nespresso machines which allow you to use your own ground coffee with its customized coffee pods. Once brewed, you can save your pod and use it for later brewing sessions. Depending on which one you plan to buy, the cost of the machine might vary.

Adjustable Cup Tray Height

This is highly neglected factor while buying any Nespresso machine. People seem to regret it after getting their machine at home. They have their favorite cups with different sizes but it would be a hard nut to crack while making them fit under the drip. Thankfully, some machines come with adjustable cup tray allowing you to use all sizes of your favorite mugs.

With Or Without Milk Frother

Depending on their price range, some Nespresso machines come with built in milk frother while some with an external one. Some don’t have it at all. In my opinion, having a milk frother particularly suitable for the Nespresso machine you plan to buy does make a difference on longer run. There are high chances of you getting bored with your daily Nespresso capsules at some point of time. Customizing them by watching some YouTube videos or tutorials might make a huge difference in the quality of your drinks.


You won’t believe me but I had one colleague who’d come with her Nespresso Essenza Mini every day at the office. The only reason was the machine’s compact size make it look like little tiffin box. Ideally, these machines are built for moving around easily and comfortably. Look for the weight of the machine and compare it with other options in similar price ranges.

Just Nespresso OR Combination with Ground Coffee

In the current market, companies started producing espresso machines which are capable for brewing capsules along with ground coffee. They come up with filter baskets that are able to accommodate Nespresso capsules. If you prefer to use ground coffee from time to time, go for them. If not, buy a Nespresso machine as they tend to be lot cheaper and requires none-to-less ongoing maintenance.

There you go folks. I have listed 8 factors that need to be considered before buying your next Nespresso machine. Keep them in mind and you are good to go.

Happy Eating!

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