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Best Way to Cut a Bell Pepper (with NO WASTE)

With food prices going up so much in recent months, I’m trying my best to be less wasteful with my produce, including how I cut and prepare my vegetables and fruit. I’m also choosing to purchase my groceries at places that are more affordable, like Kin’s Farm Market! I love how they always have weekly specials and daily Manager’s Specials at each of their 24 stores. ??

How to select Bell Peppers:

In general, you’ll want to find peppers that are:

  • glossy and has a nice sheen on top
  • no soft spots and minimal bruising
  • feels firm, heavy, and smooth all around

In in this post, I’m going to show you how to cut bell peppers 2 ways to get the most out of the vegetable!

Bell peppers have traditionally been my enemy because their shape is super peculiar and there are so many inedible pieces in the middle. I mean, how was I suppose to conveniently cut all around it?? What a waste of time, right?!

Well, now that I am older, I have grown to appreciate bell peppers, whether they’re red, orange, yellow, green, and have grown to enjoy their taste more too. With these two EASY methods, you’ll find cutting peppers to be much easier than some other vegetables, I guarantee it!

Best Way to Cut a Bell Pepper (1st Method)

The first method conserves most of the vegetable but it is not my favourite method because it’s a little bit more time consuming.

You’ll also be left with some strips and some chunks so your recipes will have to cater to using both shapes.


  1. First, you cut off the top and bottom of the bell pepper
  2. Using your fingers, loosen the stem from the flesh and the whole stem piece should easily pop right out
  3. Cut any remaining white parts off the pepper as those are bitter when consumed
  4. The middle section will now be a hollow cylinder with the core and seeds in the middle

Slice a slit on one side of the pepper, and slide your knife against pepper as you roll the pepper out. The whole core should come out in one piece. ??

Best Way to Cut a Bell Pepper (2nd Method)

The second method is the easiest and fastest way to cut a bell pepper, but you will have a tiny bit more waste compared to the first method.


  1. Cut off the stem and flip the pepper upside down
  2. In a downwards motion, cut strips of pepper down while avoiding the seeds but going with the curvature of the pepper
  3. Cut all around the pepper until the core/seeds are left
  4. Now you have perfect segments which you can cut further into strips for quick stir fries or pasta dishes!

⬇️  If you are more of a visual person, watch exactly how I do it in this IG Reel tutorial! I’ll show you how to cut using both methods. ⬇️

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Kin’s Farm Market for sponsoring this blog post and for allowing me to create awesome content for you guys. All opinions are my own.

Happy Eating!

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