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Fresh Prep – My Favourite Features + Promo Code (90% off!)

Are you tired of spending hours meal prepping every week, or scrambling to come up with a dinner plan after a long day at work? If so, Fresh Prep might just be the answer to all your culinary woes.

I’ve written many articles about Fresh Prep and it’s because I’m a true fan and have been their customer since 2015!

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Fresh Prep is an online meal delivery service that provides you with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, all delivered right to your doorstep. But what sets Fresh Prep apart from other meal delivery services?

Let me tell you about some of my favourite features:

  1. Fresh Prep offers a wide variety of meals to suit any taste and dietary preference.
  2. You can skip weeks at any time
  3. Recipe cards are easy to follow
  4. Quality of ingredients
Fresh Prep offers a wide variety of meals to suit any taste and dietary preference.

Whether you’re a meat-lover or a plant-based enthusiast, Fresh Prep has got you covered with options like Peruvian Chicken and Fries, Sesame-Crusted Seared Tuna, and Creamy Tomato & Spinach Penne. They also work with nutritionists to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences like vegetarian, pescatarian, or if you don’t eat certain meats. Their menus are always customizable.

You can skip weeks at any time

Planning to go on vacation or need to take a break from meal delivery for a while? That’s where Fresh Prep’s skip feature comes in. You can easily skip weeks for as long as you need (see below), without any penalty or extra charge. This is honestly one of my favourite features about Fresh Prep because I don’t feel ‘locked in’ or stuck in this subscription service because I can skip ANY TIME! So don’t fret and enjoy your vacation without worrying about missed deliveries or paying when you don’t want to!


Recipe cards are easy to follow

Another great thing about Fresh Prep is how easy and convenient it is. The recipes are designed to be simple and straightforward, with step-by-step instructions that even novice cooks can follow. And since all the ingredients are pre-measured and pre-portioned, you can save even more time and energy.

Most meal kit delivery services provide you with whole, unwashed vegetables for every single recipe and honestly, that’s too much work for me. Sometimes I do want my vegetables pre-washed and pre-cut. After all, I’m paying for the convenience. For the most part, Fresh Prep recipes comes with pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables (not all the time depending on the vegetable and if they’ll spoil right after being cut) so all you have to do is toss it in the pan and cook it. Easy right?!

Quality of ingredients

Perhaps the best feature of Fresh Prep is the quality of the ingredients. They work with 44 BC owned distributors including Bosa Foods, Van-Whole Produce, and Snow Cap Enterprises for their ingredients as well as very local suppliers like Salt Spring Kitchen, Tempea Tempeh, and Yoggu Yogurt. They actively seek to recruit minority-owned businesses into their supplier mix where possible. Also, in Alberta, they source 100% of their beef and some of their produce directly from within the province ensuring the freshest and most delicious ingredients possible.

So if you’re tired of meal planning and grocery shopping, or just want to try something new and delicious, give Fresh Prep a try. There’s really no commitment since you can pause indefinitely at any time, so give them a try! Use this link or code “INFKIRBY90” to get 90% off your first week! That’s just $5 for a week of 4 meals (2 meals of 2 servings each). How can you say no to that?!

Disclosure: While this post is sponsored by Fresh Prep, all opinions are my own and Fresh Prep did not review this before publishing. Having this post sponsored helps me create better content/photos and allows me to keep this blog running. 

Happy Eating!

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