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Caveman Cafe – Paleo, Gluten Friendly, Low Carb and Delicious

Before I start this post off…I want to say, I almost didn’t write about this restaurant because I feel like this place is such a hidden gem and I don’t want anyone but me to know how fantastic it is. 😀 BUT… I’m not a meanie so I’ll share the wealth with everyone… Here it goes.


A little while ago, I was invited by Tangoo Nights to attend a media tasting here at Caveman Cafe. Prior to the tasting I had absolutely no idea this place existed, and I honestly didn’t have high expectations as I had a stereotype in my head that a cafe in ‘Tinseltown’ can’t be very good. Oh I was wrong. Very wrong.


Caveman Cafe looks to promote a healthy lifestyle through their vegetarian and paleo friendly menu. Don’t let those words scare you though, they have tons of meat options if you’re a big carnivore like me. They just make sure to always have plenty of veggie options as well as only use non-medicated meat, wild caught salmon, and organic beef and chicken. They even make their own almond cheese for those who cannot take dairy!


For their Paleo Pizzas ($7.95-$8.95), Monster Burritos (~$7-8) and Platter Feasts (~$10), you have the option of choosing prime rib, smoked chicken, smoked salmon, and lamb for your meat. Can you see this whole salmon, out here, basking in the sun?! What other cafe has their ingredients shown out in the raw for their customers like that? Clearly they have nothing to hide and I really respect and appreciate that.


Moar meaaaat.

This is the Platter Feast ($9.95) and it is described as “large carvings of meat served over a meal sized salad with your choice of prime rib, smoked chicken, smoked salmon, or lamb. Choice of rice with black bean or spicy rive available with platter”. First off, for ten bucks, I already though it a winner. But they threw in extra touches like a whole bulb of roasted garlic and that just made me love it even more. Meta Knight who came with me that day said he will definitely be coming back for this.


With all of the platters of meat, my favourite dish of the night was actually the Zucchini String ‘Spaghetti’ ($8.95). Of all the zucchini pasta dishes I’ve had in the past, this place does it the best. The zucchini noodles were perfectly al dente and their tomato meat sauce was the bomb.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the Eggplant “Lasagna” with Roasted Pineapple ($8.95) and it was good too!! Just not as good as the zucchini pasta. 😀 As a wheat intolerant person, these mock pasta dishes are a dream come true. <3


The Salmon Platter Feast ($9.95) with spicy rice.


To round off our meal, we enjoyed some of their vegan and gluten free dessert. The Yam Dessert ($2) and Baked Cassava ($2.50).
img_20160908_183608In conclusion, I don’t want you to come. I don’t want you to love it because of it’s incredible prices and ridiculous portions. I don’t want you to enjoy it so much that you spread the word to all of your friends. Because I want all of this to myself. And yes, I am greedy like that.

Service Rating: 5/5

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


Happy Eating!

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Shhh… This hidden gem is a secret between us.

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